[Friday Reads!] May 30th, 2013

  It's time for my second Friday Reads! Friday Reads is a hashtag that began on twitter. Every Friday, people from all over the world announce what they'll be reading for the weekend and include #fridayreadsBunny Cates also brought it over to the booktubing community, so there are thousands of tweets and videos to give you some idea of what could possibly be your next read! It's a great way to see which books are trending and what everyone is reading over the weekend.




 This weekend I'll be reading Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. I started it the other day, but I was only able to get a couple pages in because I was busy. It's a story about two young slave girls during the Revolutionary War. Can't say much about it because I don't really know much about it. ;D





 And the last book book I plan on reading this weekend is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This will be my first reread of the series. I will be joining ryanohrama and many other people in an event known as A Very Potter Summer (AVPS). We will be rereading the whole series and discussing each book, so feel free to join us all!






Lastly, I'll be "reading" the 4th volume of the Attack on Titanmanga. I put reading in quotation marks because I can devour manga in about an hour, so I don't count the books toward my reading goals. This series is about giant, human-like creatures called titans who have forced man-kind onto the brink of extinction. In the meantime, the last people remaining must come up with ways to defeat the titans before humans go extinct. It's a great series!




What will you be reading this weekend? Leave me a comment down below, I'd love to know! :)


Bis morgen!